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A Word From Michelle Hawkins

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Dear ICC Region 8 Members and Associates:

On March 18, 2017 during the annual conference in Helen, Georgia the new International Code Council Region VIII Chapter officers and directors were sworn in by ICC President Dwayne Garriss and ICC Board Member Donny Phipps.   I am extremely proud to have been elected as President and honored to be the “first female” instead of the “first lady” to serve in this role.  To those of you who have mentored, supported and voted for me I vow to do my very best.  For those of you who may not know me, I am one of the Past Presidents of BOASC and have served the City of North Charleston, SC for approximately 30 years and a member of Region VIII since approximately 2004 when it was established. 

Our Immediate Past President Dennis Maidon will be a hard act to follow, as were so many of our Past Presidents of Region VIII.  Fortunately for us, Dennis will continue to play an active role as our webmaster and won’t be far away with those welcomed words of wisdom.   I couldn’t have asked for a better Vice President than Ringo McCollum of GA or a better 2nd Vice President than Tim Earles of TN.  These gentlemen have worked hard behind the scenes and proven to be assets to this association and I look forward to a productive year.  Charles Taylor of NC volunteered for the thankless job as Secretary/Treasurer when we were in dire need.  He has agreed to continue serving and I am very grateful.  As President, I am also looking forward to working with our Board of Directors:  Susan Carpenter, Steve Kinnaird, and Morgan Wheeler of GA; Bill Moeller, Tony Beasley, and Mark Matheny of NC; Chris Lee, Randy Pruitt, and Brad Rice of SC; Dallas Rucker, Shane Chandler, and James Sullivan of TN.  

The 2017 membership has elected what I consider to be some of the most dedicated and dependable members to serve on the Board of Directors and as Officers from our Region.  I am extremely honored to be a part of this team and hope that all that read this truly understand what a great ICC Chapter we have!   If you are not a member of the Region VIII family I ask that you give us a chance and sign up today.  Yes, I said family, because we are part of the South where we still believe in honor and respect, manners, we shake hands, like to hug, and are always willing to offer our assistance.  We may have differences of opinions, we may not always agree, but we bless a few hearts and find a way to work out how we can best serve Region VIII to have a united voice in important ICC matters. 

One of my biggest goals this year is to increase our membership and I challenge each state representative to help accomplish this task.  My second goal is to increase the number of Region VIII members that participate in the ICC code hearings whether it is in person or on-line, because in the past there has been one region that had more votes than most of the other regions together.  When we do not vote for or against code changes, we are allowing others to dictate the outcome and that is not how the system should work.  Thank you all for your time and patience in reading this letter and I look forward to new faces and learning new names from each of our great states of Region 8.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns and your ideas are always welcome.



D. Michelle Hawkins

ICC Region 8 President

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